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Kendra Gruis

2019-08-13 16.55.53.jpg

I started Deadfoxtattoo in Portland Oregon 7 years ago. Deciding to become a tattoo artist came naturally for me, I have been fascinated by all forms ever since I can remember! 


Learning the art of tattoo, and making it my professional career, made perfect sense to me. I enjoy helping people feel good about themselves. To me the most satisfying part is when a client is really happy with their new tattoo, and can't wait to show it off! I fully believe tattoos are healing and natural, it is one of the oldest forms of self expression. 


Humans have been tattooing their bodies since the beginning of time. I love being able to continue providing this traditional form of art to humankind!


Another service I offer is permanent/semi-permanent makeup. I use a feathered (hair stroke) technique, which gives a natural look to the brows. I can enhance what you already have, fill in areas that lack hair, or full-on reshaping. Together we can create a customized new brow that will give a youthful appearance, while framing, and enhancing features.


This site will help you get a feel for my style as a tattoo artist, and inform you about other mediums of art that I love. I write, play live, record, and amateurly produce music. I have been learning 3D software for video, and animations that I use for videos. I do digital illustrations, and concept art as well. I am open for commissioned work. Please email me through the contact page if you have any questions ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ                                                  

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